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“Who are you?” demanded Denton, startled.

The red-headed man laughed.

“I am Pierce, the detective,” he said. “We have long wanted to get hold of you, and I have succeeded at last, thanks to the diamond pin. By the way, the diamond is false—a capital imitation, 佛山桑拿论坛蒲友 but not worth over ten dollars. You may as well give it up.”

“Is this true?” asked Denton, his face showing his mortification.

“You can rely upon it.”

“I’ll buy it of you. I’ll give you twenty dollars for it.”

“Too late, my man. You must go back with me as a prisoner. Suppose we take off our wigs. My hair is no more red 南海大沥桑拿 than yours.”

He removed his wig, and now, in spite of his skin, which had been stained, Denton recognized in him a well-known detective, whose name was a terror to evil-doers.

“It’s all up, I suppose,” he said bitterly. “I don’t mind the arrest so much as the being fooled and duped.”

“It’s diamond cut diamond—ha! ha!” said the detective—”or, we’ll say, red-head versus red-head.”

When Denton reached Chicago he became a guest of the city—an honor he would have been glad to decline.

F OR weeks Oliver and his mother had lived in the same city, yet never met. Each believed the other to be dead; each had mourned for the other. No subtle instinct led either to doubt the truth of the sad reports which, for base ends, Mr. Kenyon had caused to be circulated.

But for her unhappy domestic 佛山桑拿蒲友网 troubles, Mrs. Conrad (for she had

assumed the name of her first husband) was happily situated. Mrs. Graham was bound to her by the devoted care which she had taken of the little Florette. Indeed, the bereaved woman had come to love the little girl almost as if she were her own, and had voluntarily assumed the constant care of her, though regarded as a guest in the house.

Mr. Graham was very wealthy, and his house, situated on the Boulevard, was as attractive as elegance and taste, unhampered by a regard for 佛山夜生活上门 expense, could make it. A spacious, well-appointed chamber was assigned to Mrs. Conrad, and she lived in a style superior to which she had been accustomed. Surely it was a fortunate haven into which her storm-tossed bark had drifted. If happiness could be secured by comfort or luxury, then she would have been happy. But neither comfort nor luxury can

satisfy the heart, and it was the heart which, in her case, had suffered a severe wound.

One day, as Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Conrad sat together, the little Florette in the arms of the latter, Mrs. Graham said:

“I am afraid you let that child burden you, Mrs. Conrad. She never gives you a moment to yourself.”

Mrs. Conrad smiled sadly.

“I don’t wish to have a moment to myself. When I am alone, and with nothing to occupy me, I give myself up to sad thoughts of the happiness I once 佛山南海桑拿休闲会所 enjoyed.”

“I understand,” said Mrs. Graham gently, for she was familiar with Mrs. Conrad’s story. “I can understand what it must be to lose a cherished son.”

“If he had only been spared to me I believe I could bear without a murmur the loss of fortune, and live contentedly in the deepest poverty.”

“No doubt; but would that be necessary? Certainly your husband has no claim to the fortune, which he withholds from you.”

“I suppose not.”

“If you should make the effort you could doubtless get it back.”

“Probably I could.”

“You had better let me ask Mr. Graham to select a reliable lawyer whom you could consult with reference to it.”

Mrs. Conrad shook her head.

“Let him have it,” she said. “I care nothing for money. As long as you, my dear friend, are content to give me a home I am happier here than I could be with him.”

“My 南海盐步桑拿网 dear Mrs. Conrad, it would indeed grieve me if anything should take you from us, even if to your own advantage. You see how selfish I am? But I can’t bear to think that that brutal husband of yours is enjoying your money, and thus reaping the benefit of his bad deeds.”

“Sometimes I feel so,” Mrs. Conrad admitted. “If Oliver were alive I should feel more like asserting my rights, but now all ambition has left me. If I should institute proceedings I should be compelled to return to New York, where everything would remind me of my sad loss. No, my dear friend, your advice is no doubt meant for the best, but I prefer to leave Mr. Kenyon in ignorance of my whereabouts and to keep away from his vicinity. You don’t want me to go away, Florette, do you?”

“Don’t doe away,” pleaded the little girl, putting her arms round Mrs. Conrad’s 佛山夜生活美女qq neck.

“You little darling!” said Mrs. Conrad, returning the embrace. “I have something to live for while you love me.”

“I love you so much,” said the child.

“I don’t know but what I shall become jealous,” said Mrs. Graham playfully.

“Go and tell your mamma that you love her best,” said Mrs. Conrad.

She felt that a mother’s claim was first, beyond all others. Nothing would have induced her to come between Florette and the affection which she owed to her mother.

Little Florette ran to her mother and climbed in her lap.

“I love you best, mamma,” she said, “but I love my other mamma, too.”

“And quite right, my dear child,” said Mrs. Graham, with a bright smile. “It was but in jest, Mrs. Conrad. No mother who deserves her child’s love need fear rivalry. Florette’s heart is large enough and warm enough to love us both.”

Mrs. 佛山桑拿体验报告 Conrad rejoiced in the liberty to love Florette and to be loved by her, and if ever she forgot her special cause of sorrow it was when she had the little girl in her arms.

“I have a favor to ask of you, Mrs. Conrad,” said Mrs. Graham, a little later.